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Expanding Your Horizons

Expanding Your Horizons

Expanding Your Horizons

Expanding Your Horizons

Expanding Your Horizons

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Our law office in Sarajevo have worked together with Berkay Ozdogu in the United Kingdom for an international corporate client to recover commercial debt from a debtor company based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to Berkay’s strong legal strategy knowledge and dispute resolution skills, we successfully concluded the case in favour of the client.

Armela Ramić

Lawyer - Founder

Armela Ramić Law

Berkay Ozdogu has been providing legal consulting services in the sales and distribution of our various solar energy powered lighting systems. In particular, Berkay has been assisting us in our California/the US, and Poland operations, including negotiating contractual terms in virtual meetings in English and Turkish. Berkay is highly skilled in rendering legal services in international trading activities and corporate matters.

Mr Fatih Akbulut


Fipronet Elektronik Imalat Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Sirketi

Our company, Hpotech Medikal ve Teknik Cozumler Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi, manufactures, sells and distributes medical chambers and diving chambers in Turkey and abroad. Our company has been engaging with Berkay Ozdogu to obtain legal advice about our UK, Austria and Poland operations focusing on the international sale, distributorship agreements and alternative dispute resolution. Berkay is determined and successful in dealing with legal issues promptly and resolving such matters in our best interest.

Mr Mustafa Kabak


Hpotech Medikal ve Teknik Cozumler Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi

Our company has been obtaining corporate legal advice from Berkay Ozdogu for our company’s domestic and international activities, including business-to-business trade consulting. Berkay has been successfully providing legal advisory services to our customers and us in the UK and abroad in all our projects.

Ergin Kaya


Idetek UK Ltd

Berkay Ozdogu assisted our company in Seattle, the USA, in exploring and complying with the legal regulations and requirements to operate our electronic devices in Turkey. It was a pleasure working with Berkay, who successfully represented us and responded to all our enquiries with his broad legal knowledge in regulations related to our various electronic devices during our project.

Brendan Waple

Logistics Specialist

Mason America, Inc

Advice and Guidance

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